HAAN is an online platform that sells custom made premium apparel. Founded by real women, for real women. Their mission is simple: to make beautiful clothes that fit. No more compromise on style, size, or quality.

Haan tells customers exactly how their clothes are made, and how much it cost to make them. Haan is here to start a shopping revolution that is affordable, sustainable, and enjoyable.


Krystal Lee
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We were hired by Krystal Lee to create a distinctive branding experience for Haan. It had to be minimal, modern and present Haan’s main goal – smart shopping.

We were asked to define their brand identity, create a logo, present potential colour schemes and find complimentary typography. In addition to this – develop their “unboxing experience” and design packaging assets that matched Haan’s identity.


We started our work by doing some research and analysing the brand. Krystal had a clear vision and great business plan developed so we just had to put a branding plan together.

We spent a decent amount of time looking for the right fonts that fit the brief and transmitted Haan’s message. We ended up using a font that was simple but had some edginess and brought great results. The logo turned out very minimal but it stood out with strong and classic typography which made it simply modern.

We continued our work by experimenting with soft and warm colours. We had to keep in mind Haan’s target audience: a woman, who seeks to own perfectly fitting investment pieces so we introduced terracotta colour. It promoted emotional energy, femininity and strength.

As an outcome, we created an identity that showcased simplicity and innovation with elegant touches of luxury. At last part, we designed powerful stationery, marketing and packaging materials that completed and empowered Haan’s identity.

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