Aerobic gymnastics and Zumba fitness club “Gracija” was found in 1992 by Violeta Masiuliene. Now there are over 190 children, teenagers and youth training in the club. Most of them are winners of international/national competitions and members of the National team of Lithuanian Aerobic Gymnastics.

At Gracija, children have the opportunity to gain all kinds of experience, expand their horizons, improve communication skills and find many new friends.

Violeta Masiuliene
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A lot of people kept calling and asking for  more information about the club and how their kids could join it.

Even more people wanted to read about the club, and see the images of the activities to familiarise themselves.


Informational website was the solution, where all the information about the dance club and its activities can be found.

Easy-to-fill request form allows to get all the questions that are missing in the F.A.Q sections.

WordPress platform was the best choice for the client as they could easily update the information with new images and updates about the events they participate and ofcourse, the wins.

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