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Gilda & Pearl was founded by Diane Houston in 2011. Inspired by the beauty of craftsmanship and the bold Femme Fatales of Hollywood golden age film, Gilda & Pearl’s unique aesthetic and ‘lingerie to love’ began with just a few handmade pieces, and grew quickly to become a press and celebrity favourite.

Today, Gilda & Pearl is available in the world’s best department stores. The brand is regularly featured in magazines such as Vogue and worn by A-list celebrities such Naomi Campbell, Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

Diane Houston
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How do you translate “Every button is hand-stitched, every seam and hem meticulously sewn and hand-trimmed” visually?


by displaying every detail clearly. 

What made work easier is the great product images, which is the large part of the viewport. Minimal product grid focuses on the product displayed. Elegant font with black & white background coloring gives a feeling of vintage chic and luxury.

Gilda&pearl has a strong back-end analysis of the website and the client behaviour. The shop is linked with Instagram and Facebook shopping which allow to advertise and sell products over few platforms at the same time.

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