If you say you don’t care about the brand name, you probably aren’t sincere. We all really pay attention to what beer we drink and what shoes we buy, because a certain name guarantees us quality or a pleasant experience.

So you can‘t have a business without a name. When you are creating a company or a brand, you have to be careful and original if you do not want to end up naming your business with some weird or uncomfortable brand name like Pee Cola or Urinal hot drink. So the question is how do you choose a good brand name?


Our TOP 5 tips to consider while choosing your brand name.

  1. Take your time and think carefully about possible names for your business. Maybe you have a great story that will inspire a great title. Or maybe you have a strange story that will inspire you to create a multimillion-dollar company name? Did you know that Jeff Bezos wanted to name amazon Cadabra? When Bezos said to his lawyer that he was going to call his online bookstore Cadabra, his lawyer hesitated. What the lawyer thought he heard was Cadaver. Bezos was mortified. Would people really mistake his enchanting name for a dead body? He said a ‘no-no’ to that. After some brainstorming, he came across Amazon and he thought it was a perfect name. Metaphor—exotic, different and the biggest river in the world. He thought his store was different, too, and as it played out, it became the largest digital marketplace in the world.

  2. Think about your audience. Explore your target audience and identify as precisely as possible the characteristics of your “ideal” customer. What name would cling to his ear? What title would make him interested in you and your production? Defining your ideal customer and doing some research in advance is helpful while choosing your brand’s name as well as creating a marketing strategy.

  3. Brainstorm your brand’s name ideas. The next task is to brainstorm brand name ideas that represent your brand, your ideal customer and communicate your brand’s values. Ask yourself: How will your brand create an emotional resonance to your customers?


  4. Keep it short and sweet. The excellent brand name will be short, simple and easy to pronounce. We all love and adore Comme des Garcons, but tell me, who the hell pronounces it correctly? You don’t want this to happen to your brand, do you?

  5. Be original. Don’t try to mimic larger companies that came before you. Ensure that the name reflects YOUR business and have a play with your options. Make sure it resonates with audience values too. 

To sum up, picking a brand name should be as important as creating a brand itself. As long as you tick the boxes listed above, choosing a name will not become a headache. Just remember one thing. It is all about the quality and values, not about the name.

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